At GoodLeaf Farms we are focused on producing local and ultra-fresh greens, without pesticides. We do this in an innovative way, using efficient vertical farming technology.


How do we differentiate ourselves from traditional farms that produce leafy greens? We grow ours indoors, using a multi-level vertical farm. Here are some of the key benefits:

Economic Development

Our farm helps to drive the local economy. By employing local farming technicians and office staff, we’re creating innovation and developing the economy of Atlantic Canada.

Recycled Water

We collect rainwater for the farm and our offices, and recycle approximately 90% of the water used for growing.

Grown Without Pesticides

Our ultra-clean environment removes the need for using pesticides. That means you are eating a healthy product and our farm has no agricultural run-off.

High Yield

We have 17 crop cycles a year, which means our farm can grow 5.5 times more produce per year, than a Nova Scotia farm of the same size.

Repurposed Infrastructure

Our indoor farm was built in a former elementary school. We've converted the building into a state-of-the-art farm, and have the ability to do the same right across the globe.

Atlantic Grown

We grow our leafy greens right here in Atlantic Canada. This reduces our carbon miles, and ensures you are eating greens with the highest possible nutritional value.

Our ideas on sustainability don’t stop there. Our team is continually working to reduce our impact on the environment, and the number of inputs that go into growing our plants. You can find some more information on our FAQs page.