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Our Farmers

We're proud to employ a dedicated, world class team. We believe that it is important for our employees to grow, just as our plants do.


Meet our founder, Gregg Curwin. 


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Jane Marshall


Jeff McKinnon
VP Finance


Jeff Huber
Head Grower

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Shawn Woods
Farm Manager and Farm System Specialist

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Paul Decoste
Farm Manager

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Joanne MacNeill
QA Manager


Cathy’s experience with plant and agricultural sciences spans over 9 years. Cathy holds degrees in biological sciences from the University of Guelph (B.Sc.) and the University of Alberta (M.Sc.), specializing in plant biology. Cathy worked as the Senior Research Technician at the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre for over four years where she helped develop and implement the vegetable breeding program. She also worked for Chicken Farmers of Ontario as a food safety and quality Auditor and Inspector. As the Farm Support Manager, Cathy is responsible for managing the front-end operations of the Guelph, Ontario facility and provides high-level support to the CEO, Farm Manager, QA Manager, and the Head Grower. In addition to general support duties, Cathy also manages inventory and procurement activities, material resource planning, and assists with the facilities accounts receivables and payables.

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Cathy Archibald
Farm Support Manager


Jeff Huber is a Horticultural Scientist with experience in the horticulture industry spanning over 15 years. He holds a B.Sc. in Agriculture (horticulture) followed by a M.Sc. in Environmental Biology (Plant Agriculture, Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility) both from the University of Guelph. Jeff has designed and operated advanced controlled environment plant production systems and develop complementary horticulture management strategies for optimized plant performance. He has extensive experience in hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponic, soilless and soil production systems through all aspects of the cultivation cycle. As the Head Grower, Jeff is responsible for the general growing at the farm, including seeding, transplanting and harvesting. Jeff monitors the plant health and growth and collects and analyzes data for testing. Jeff also acts as technical support for the growing staff and the Farm Managers for both Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Jane is a top performing Senior Executive Leader with 30+ years of experience identifying lucrative business opportunities, optimizing day-to-day operations, and driving market share and revenue growth for industry-leading corporations. Recognized as a leading expert in real estate development, strategic acquisitions, and property management she is a strategic problem-solver with an impressive record of identifying needs, assessing market potential, and introducing lasting solutions that satisfy immediate and long-term business objectives. As President and CEO of GoodLeaf, Ms. Marshall is responsible for the performance of the organization, the success of its operations, and its strategic planning. Specifically, Ms. Marshall is responsible for the execution of the Guelph farm and the creation of a network of farms in Canada and elsewhere.

As the Quality Assurance Manager, Joanne is the organizational lead for compliance with SQF, HACCP, and CanadaGap programs for all Farm locations. Joanne works closely with operations and R & D to provide food safety quality support on new and existing products. Joanne and her QA team demonstrate leadership by promoting a healthy, safe working environment and fostering a world class culture of inclusion and excellence

Shawn Woods attended Saint Mary’s University where he completed a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Management. Shawn has over 15 years of financial experience working at the Bank of Nova Scotia. HE then went on to focus full-time on his role as founding partner at an engineering firm specializing in the defence and aerospace industries. Through his travels to South East Asia he was inspired by the value farmers brought to small villages and decided to try his hand at sustainable food production. In the role of Farm Manager, Shawn is responsible for the overall management of the operations, facility, and profit of the Truro, Nova Scotia farm. Shawn oversees all the production areas, farm staff, and is responsible to ensure that outputs are met and product is grown following quality and established food safety management systems. In the role of Farm Systems Specialist, Shawn works closely with the senior management team, engineers, architects, contractors, and suppliers to ensure that the systems and components of the current and future facilities are designed for optimal production, efficiency, and operation.

As the Farm Manager, Paul is responsible for the overall management of the operations, facility, and profit of the Guelph, Ontario farm. Paul oversees all the production areas, farm staff, and is responsible to ensure outputs are met and product is grown following quality and established food safety management systems

Gregg Curwin is the Founder, President & CEO of TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture, the parent company of GoodLeaf.   Currently the Founder, President & CEO of TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture, Gregg is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in health-care innovation industries, including medical devices, biologics, and health-related retail. He has consulted hospitals and governments in the broad area of health design, with a recent focus on the role of food production in disease prevention. Gregg was recognized as a 2017 Manning Award finalist in Atlantic Canada. In 2016, Gregg received the Clean50 award by Delta Management Group. Gregg holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.


Wendy Patterson
Office Manager

Michelle Garrett
QA Technician

Aaron Urosevic
QA Technician

Colin Stewart
Facilites Manager

Andrea Curry

Dave Cunningham

Lloyd Elm

Todd Bullock

Stewart Bullock

Norm Cooper

Jeff has over 15 years of senior leadership experience, including extensive experience in strategy, finance and operations while working as the CFO of a large credit union. Prior to that, he worked in a variety of roles including a senior finance role with a rapid growth company, a publicly traded company, and in an executive role within a growth phase entrepreneurial environment. He holds a Masters of Business Administration, is a Certified Management Accountant and is also a CPA. As Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for GoodLeaf Farms, Jeff is responsible for the corporate fiscal management of the organization, including corporate governance and Board communication, corporate and departmental budgets, financial reporting and forecasting, the management of accounting activities, and the management of administration, IT, and human resources functions.