We're foodies too! we enjoy that special time spent in the kitchen with friends and family, building relationships around the foods we love.


Since 2016, w've been growing ultra fresh produce year-round for atlantic canadians. and now, we're launching in southern ontario.


Our Mission

Ethically growing simple produce that inspires healthy lifestyles.
Sustainably growing environmentally conscious agricultural practices.
Innovatively growing food security one community at a time. 

GoodLeaf has provided my customers with an unparalleled experience. Their greens are fresh, tasty and hyper local.
— Geoff, Pete's Fine Foods

what makes our growing different?

  • Grown inside
  • We use stacked vertical layers
  • All plants are grown in a media, which is placed in a hydroponic system within a tray
  • No pesticides or chemicals are added during the growing process
  • Product is grown, harvested and packaged all under one roof
  • Our water is filtered and disinfected multiple times to ensure the cleanest possible plants
  • Highly-efficient LED lights provide our plants with just the right amount of light for great nutrition and the perfect taste
  • We cool, dehumidify and filter the air where our plants are grown
  • All inputs are monitored and tested to ensure no pathogens get on our plants
  • Weather changes, natural disasters, and climate-related issues have no impact on our production