Are your products genetically modified (GMO)?

No. Our products are not genetically modified. To learn more about GMO products, please click here.

Are your products certified organic?

No. Our products are not certified organic. There are seven key pillars to organic certification in Canada and hydroponic farming is unable to address some of the key requirements, namely the fact that we do not grow our greens in soil.

Do you use pesticides (herbicides, insecticides and fungicides) on your crops while they are growing?

No. We are using a clean and safe environment that is monitored on a continual basis to grow our products; therefore, we do not require the use of pesticides.

Do your products taste better than other products?

We may be a little biased; however, we think our greens taste great. Given we are local – our products get to market quickly – and with produce, fresher = tastier.

How do you grow your plants?

We grow our plants using a hydroponic system. Because our plants are grown in a controlled indoor environment, we give them all of the essential nutrients they need, light from efficient LEDs, appropriate heat and humidity, and the right amount of carbon dioxide for a healthy growth cycle.

Why do you use LED for lighting, and not the sun?

LED lighting gives us the ability to have multiple levels of plants growing in the same square footage. Additionally, they give us the ability to grow our products 365 days a year.

Will your products last longer than others on the market?

Our mandate is to get our product from the farm to your table as soon as possible. With reduction in travel time by approximately 7-10 days for products that come from the southern U.S., our products should last longer using proper handling and storage.

Are these greens grown locally?

Yes. Our farm is in Guelph, ON and our product makes it to most stores in ON within a few days from pick-up.

Are there any additives added or applied to the plants during growth?

No. We do not add or apply anything to our plants during growth. The plants are simply given the water, nutrients, and light that they need for healthy growth.

Are they available all year round?

Our products are for sale in local markets and retailers. To find a store near you, click here.

Are these greens going to cost me more?

The retailer will set the retail price of our products; however, we are positioning our products to be available at an affordable and comparable rate to organic products that are currently on the market.

What is the optimal storage condition for your products?

Some products have different storage requirements than others. Salad greens should be refrigerated.