Vertically Farmed, Straight up good™

Three microgreen green bowls with vegetable display

Lovin’ Local, Lovin’ Fresh

GoodLeaf is proud to grow microgreens and baby greens year round, close to where you shop and live. Our farm to fork philosophy means longer lasting greens at peak quality. 

Locally Grown FoodLand Ontario - Ultra Fresh - Available Year Round

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Grown with passion, care, and precision

Ideal growing conditions create the purest produce.  Our indoor growing environment maintains optimal conditions so that our greens are of the highest quality, freshness, and taste.

Pesticide Free - Not Genetically Modified - Nutrient Dense

committed to canadian values

We come from humble Canadian roots. Founded in Halifax, NS in 2011, it’s GoodLeaf’s mission to keep Canadian families healthy while respecting the environment.

Efficient Water Use - Low Carbon Footprint - Responsible Land Use

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