GoodLeaf Farms Launches Petite Greens For Food Service Customers

Truro, N.S. – GoodLeaf Farms is pleased to announce the launch of their living petite green program to food service customers across Atlantic Canada. 

The launch marks the first of its kind for the Atlantic Canadian market with ultra-fresh, petite greens grown in an indoor environment, allowing for year-round production and sale, without the use of pesticides.

The product offering will include both full trays and mixed variety packages of GoodLeaf’s signature ‘Cadien Mix, Kale, Daikon Radish, and Sugar Peas. 

“Our micro green offering has a unique ability to provide high quality, chef-inspired product to the market 365 days per year ”, said Gregg Curwin, President and CEO of GoodLeaf Farms. “We deliver the optimal amount of water and nutrients to all of our plants, and it shows in terms of quality and flavour. The moment you bite into our ‘Cadien Mix you can really taste the wasabi-like flavour and the freshness.”

The shelf life of GoodLeaf’s Petite Greens is another standout feature. As the greens are sold as a living product, they can last in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks, which provides restaurant and food service customers with 6-8 times more shelf life than comparable cut and packaged products. Chef Dwayne MacLeod from Halifax’s new Barrington Steakhouse & Oyster Bar will be one of the first customers to use GoodLeaf’s Petite Greens. “We had a chance to see GoodLeaf’s operations in Truro a little while back and were very impressed. Our team has tried their petite greens and we loved the freshness and intense flavours.”

GoodLeaf’s Petite Green program has launched with Gordon Food Service for distribution in Atlantic Canada. For information about availability and product pricing, please contact their Amherst office.