Bacon Peas Tomato Sandwich

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30 Minutes | Makes 1-2 Servings


A twist on the classic BLT, this sandwich replaces the lettuce with GoodLeaf Farms Pea Shoots and skips the mayo, using a healthier pea and avocado spread.

To make the spread, place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and process until smooth. Assemble ingredients as pictured on your favourite toasted bread and enjoy!

Assemble sandwiches and enjoy!


For Toast:

Quantity Item
2-4 Slices Bread, toasted
3-6 Strips Bacon, cooked and drained
1-2 Tomatoes, sliced
1 Package GoodLeaf Pea Shoots

For Spread:

Quantity Item
1/2 Cup Blanched Peas, cooled
1 Handful GoodLeaf Pea Shoots
1/2 Clove Garlic, chopped
1 Avocado, skin and pit removed
Juice of Half of a Lemon
1/4 Cup Basil, torn
Salt and Pepper, to taste

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